Fabless companies come in many sizes but the common denominator is growth. With growth comes data scale in manufacturing. They are limited into what data from fab that they can see. yieldHUB helps such companies from the characterisation stage right through to high volume manufacturing.

Key challenges for a fabless company include:

  • New Silicon Characterisation: Making sure they fully understand the variation of performance of key features of the product across expected real-world conditions
  • Precious Engineering Time: It’s hard to get new engineers, especially in Europe and North America. So the more analysis automation the better so that engineers can concentrate on the value-added work as much as possible. Scheduled reports and alerts are key for production running products
  • Accurate analysis (in Final Test especially): Relative to the final test, it’s easy to accurately analyse wafer sort data. Final test has an analysis challenge due to the most common scenario of non-serialisation of units. Because of the growing pressure for high quality and reliability, even for consumer non-automotive applications, accurate analysis is more and more important. yieldHUB has an excellent consolidation system which maximises accuracy in analysis
  • Correlation Analysis: The effect of the variation of fab parameters on a fabless company’s products can be serious. Not just yield, but quality can be affected. Even delivery times for finished goods. yieldHUB can completely automate the linking of data across the supply chain and includes tools for analysing the effect of such variations in foundry manufacturing on later performance in wafer sort and final test.

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