Problem tests, problem tests, problem tests! Every engineer involved in yield improvement, product release, production support or test engineering will be able to tell many stories about problem tests. But what are “Problem Tests”?

In this case we are talking about tests which cause a low yield, or cause retest to be required, cause QA sample failures, or in the worst case damage a device. Problem tests in production use up a lot of resource, delay delivery of product to customers and ultimately cost a lot of money.

It is far better if these problem tests can be found offline before production and that the root cause to these problems can be identified and resolved.

The solution to this is yieldHUB’s Gage R&R tool. This software is helping a number of OSATs, IDMs and Fabless companies reduce the number of problem tests on the test floor. The software is provided along with expert support and training from MFG Vision’s application team. On-site support through the first projects from data collection, through analysis to test program improvement ensures that our customers know how to get the value from our software.

In a recent case a problem product was used as the training example an introduction to our Gage R&R tool. The OSAT engineer had spent 3 months trying to identify and resolve and issue. The root cause was found and resolved in under 2 hours with our Gage R&R tool.

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