Efficient Data Export

yieldHUB provides data analysis tools for almost every situation, from stacked parametric wafer maps to ANOVA box plots, the list of tools and capabilities is long. However, engineers in the semiconductor industry will always need something else to test a theory, try a new style of investigation or to compare with “the old way”.

At yieldHUB we are engineers and therefore hope that we understand engineers like ourselves. We aim to facilitate the things that we know engineers will want / need to do. One of the key ones is to access the data. Our philosophy is rather than expect that all engineers can learn how to write scripts to query the database and extract data, we provide data download options in many places.

So not only can you analyse comprehensively without downloading data using the built-in tools in yieldHUB, you can also conveniently download from the database to third party tools.

Each chart has options to download the exact data required to reproduce that chart into .csv format or .xlsx format (data and chart image). This is very efficient as a histogram for example will give a download of the histogram bins and bin counts, not the entire data that could be millions of points.

Each table has an option to download to .csv so that table can quickly be used in reports or have additional calculations performed on it.

Every datalog in yieldHUB is accessible in .csv format and also in the original “RAW” format that was piped into the system. So any user can access any raw data without needing to script anything.

In addition there is an optional feature to provide mass download of datasets into JMP or other statistical analysis software such as MATLAB or R. The user interface allows selection of both meta data (Lot ID, Product, Wafer ID, Custom Label etc…) as well as parametric data (test 20734) which can download as statistics or actual raw data points across thousands of datalogs. By allowing the user to download only the exact data required the entire datalogs are not required to be downloaded so this is far efficient and a vastly smaller download. The download format is available as .dat or .csv.

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