We can set-up yieldHUB to run on your internal IT infrastructure. We work with your IT team to setup the data pipeline and server to run yieldHUB. It typically takes a couple of days of on-site engineering work followed by remote support by our engineers as needed.

Dell PowerEdge R710 or equivalent
Dual processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5645 @ 2.40GHz or better. RAM Min 32GB, ideal 128GB
Storage 4TB  RAID 1, 10 or SAN
RedHat Enterprise Linux (Latest Version)

– 12 (Hyper Threading) CPU cores, 64 bit processor
– 128GB RAM => Recommend that you can have maximum size for DRAM which will not cost much and will improve the speed.
– 4TB SAN storage, SSD drives if budget allows to maximize speed
– Use SAN so that storage can be increased in the future if needed.

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