What is Advanced Engineering?

With enhanced engineering data analysis you get all of the features and benefits of level one with added tools for Gage R&R, Characterization and Sensitivity Analysis

Who uses this?

     Test engineers and NPI engineers

What kind of companies use it?

This is ideal for companies who need to do in-depth engineering analysis at the characterisation and also at the pre-production stage of a new product.

What are the unique features of level 2?

Generate sophisticated characterisation reports in hours, even across hundreds of tests at a time

  • Identify through the advanced Gage R&R tool, the tests that are most sensitive to set-up and fix these before you go into high volume production
  • Evaluate quickly and robustly the effect of any test program change on performance of your tests, or the impact of material on test performance including which tests are most affected

What are the benefits of yieldHUB?

Cloud-based: Access your data anytime. You and your colleagues can access your data anytime, in any timezone

Knowledge-base: Our integrated knowledge base allows you to comment on data, build and share knowledge with production, development, other engineers and even your customers

Secure: Our data is hosted on AWS (Amazon Website Services), the market leader. Your data is safe and secure.

Trust and security: Our customers access huge volumes of proprietary data every day. We have NDAs with all of our customers. We can sign one for you or provide you with a version. All employees sign confidentiality agreements. We are trusted by leading companies worldwide

User interface:  We designed yieldHUB to be easy to use. You can find complex data, presented neatly, at the touch of a button

How do we set it up?

Contact us today and we will talk to you about setting up a demo.

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