Since semiconductors have a complex manufacturing flow, earlier manufacturing stages have a big influence on later stage yield. So the ability to correlate data across manufacturing will help greatly to optimise yield.The first step towards correlation is to enrich the data stored for each wafer or lot with data from the MES (manufacturing execution system) such as SAP, Factory Works, Oracle, PROMIS or Camstar. The information from these systems helps yieldHUB link data between the manufacturing stages and enable powerful correlation analysis.

With the data linked between the stages yieldHUB software can correlate wafer by wafer to help demonstrate the root cause of your yield variation. Correlation can be carried out between Foundry WAT data and probe test, WAT and final test or final test and probe. For foundries and IDMs, inline fab data will be available and can be correlated.

Only cross stage or genealogy correlation can prove the relation between foundry WAT parameters and parametric performance of your product. Our Fabless customers, IDM customers and foundries all utilise this function.

Above is a simple example of a genealogy correlation chart generated in yieldHUB.

On the y-axis you have the mean of a fab parameter. On the x-axis is the Bin 1 % in wafer sort.

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