The semiconductor industry is primarily concentrated across 3 continents but is active across all 6 populated continents of the world. A typical supply chain will involve numbers countries and at least 2 continents.

It can at times be difficult to encourage people in the same office to collaborate on solving a problem so how can we claim to help with people on different continents? Our solution is to use the very thing that often is the cause of friction, the data.

First we make the right data available to the right users. Then enable those people to share instantly with their colleagues or suppliers or customers at the other side of the world. In our experience when people see the same data they focus on the same issue.

But what happens when an engineer does not know who is the right person to work together with at the other side of the world? Or does not know who is available? This is where the unique solution of “following” comes into play. One click to follow your product means that you get the data and reports you need. But only only test data and analysis reports. Comments can be added to the data to enrich the information.
Seeing really is believing, contact a local applications engineer for a live demonstration.

Read more about this solution in the EE Times online.

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