Engineers are key to the semiconductor industry. Engineers add value to the business with new designs, yield improvements, quality improvements etc… and engineers also cost money. It is vital therefore to get the best return on investment.

Product and test engineers work with the test data generated during manufacturing to solve many different issues. Typically each engineer has more than one product to monitor and react to in case of an issue. This is where yieldHUB software helps.


In order to efficiently monitor products and processes it is important to automate report generation. This allows the engineer to focus more time on the issues rather than spending time creating reports that show everything is OK.


While automating reports which are delivered on a regular basis is very good for monitoring when something does go wrong, e.g. a low yield, or a parametric shift, it is important to know as soon as possible. This is where alerts are key. On the yieldHUB platform alerts can be set-up in approx 10 seconds. So there is no reason not to be first to know when there is an issue on your product.


Managers can see (and be copied on) all of the automated reports and alerts. With engineers freed up from none value added activity managers can assign more to each engineer.

Our customers tell us that using our software increases their engineering efficiency by between 20% and 30%!

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