What are the unique features of level 3: Advanced production?

Auto cleansing of data by the YMS softwareeg incorporating automated rescreen algorithms to clean up final test data before you look at it
CorrelationsAbility to correlate performance across manufacturing stages, eg what effect do fab parameters have on wafer sort/final test
Statistical Bin LimitsCalculate and save SBL limits interactively
Lots on Hold DashboardAdd material causing alerts to a dashboard you can bookmark
Multi-die analysisCorrelate data from multi-die packages to wafer fab
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What are the benefits of yieldHUB?

Cloud-based: Access your data anytime. You and your colleagues can access your data anytime, in any timezone

Collaboration: Because your data is on the cloud, collaboration is easier. You can make changes which are updated in real-time. You can add comments and send messages to colleagues directly from the platform. Some of our customers even share the data with their customers.

Secure: Our data is hosted on AWS (Amazon Website Services), the market leader. Your data is safe and secure.

Trust and security: Our customers access huge volumes of proprietary data every day. We have NDAs with all of our customers. We can sign one for you or provide you with a version. All employees sign confidentiality agreements. We are trusted by leading companies worldwide

User interface:  We designed yieldHUB to be easy to use. You can find complex data, presented neatly, at the touch of a button

How do we set it up?

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Can yieldHUB Help You?

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