This is the second of the four main levels of offering from yieldHUB. 

These take advantage of our Data Model to provide scalable (with respect to numbers of tests and pins) and in-depth analysis in pre-production.

What services and capabilities are included in Production?

Parametric & Bin SearchSearch database for wafers with specified behaviour. e.g. Cpk for certain tests less than 1.5, etc. OR which wafers have bin 9 > 5%. User can set the criteria.
Auto-tracking of a wafer or lot through productionFollow wafers like you would follow someone in twitter. Next time data is generated for it, you’ll get notified with a link to the new data
Ability to trend hundreds of lots in seconds for any parameter or binSelect any test and see instantly how it performs relative to all historical data for the test
ReportsDaily and weekly reports summarising Yield, Bins and Test performance
AlertsAlerting for Yield, Bin and Test performance deviations
Compare site vs site performanceBe on top of site performance issues, even search all the DB for wafers that had excessive loss due to site issues
Detect Program ChangesCheck if the program changed even if the name didn’t change. Check then changes from one program to another (eg missing tests, limits widened etc)
Wafer Sort AnalysisWafer visualisation, parametric and bins, yield. Stacking of hundreds or wafers at a time
WAT Analysis and PCMAnalysis of parameters tested at Wafer Acceptance step
ANOVASee which factors are most affecting yield and parametric performance
CP1/CP2 analysis and consolidationVariation of Wafer Sort testing (typically CP1 at ambient and CP2 at hot)

What are the benefits of yieldHUB?

Cloud-based: Access your data anytime. You and your colleagues can access your data anytime, in any timezone

Knowledge-base: Our integrated knowledge base allows you to comment on data, build and share knowledge with production, development, other engineers and even your customers

Secure: Our data is hosted on AWS (Amazon Website Services), the market leader. Your data is safe and secure.

Trust and security: Our customers access huge volumes of proprietary data every day. We have NDAs with all of our customers. We can sign one for you or provide you with a version. All employees sign confidentiality agreements. We are trusted by leading companies worldwide

User interface:  We designed yieldHUB to be easy to use. You can find complex data, presented neatly, at the touch of a button

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How do we set it up?

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