For companies who need to optimise yields, yieldHUB combines semiconductor industry expertise with the latest database, on premise and cloud technologies, to provide a cost effective complete solution.

  • We are an Irish company with engineers and sales agents across the world.
  • Customers include top 20 semiconductor companies such as Infineon, Microchip, On Semi and Rohm.
  • We continuously invest in our people and our technology so that our customers profit from deeper and deeper insights into their manufacturing performance.
  • Our Data Model is unique and hugely scalable. You analyse data without having to download it first. This means you can analyse hundreds of wafers worth of data in seconds though clever data processing and innovative database design.
  • The analysis is done using your web-browser with no additional software needed for users.
  • We provide leading support for Fabless, IDM and OSAT companies.
  • Our On Premises option is popular for larger companies – our Cloud option for small to medium sized companies.

“It’s easy to operate and can provide diverse reports.” Senior Manager, GS Tek, New Taipei City, Taiwan, a loyal customer since 2010.

If you are thinking of developing your own in-house YMS, you could do worse than looking at this article first.


yieldHUB is an expert provider of web-based semiconductor analysis solutions that:
HELP IMPROVE the yield, quality and reliability of our customers’ products, PURCHASERS recommend to their organisations, USERS recommend to their colleagues and EMPLOYEES are proud of. yieldHUB is seen as a TRUSTED and VALUED PARTNER by our customers.

Our team of experts enjoy working with customers and coming up solutions to challenges each day. Our head office is in Ireland. We have offices in the UK, US and the Philippines.  You can meet our team here.

Can yieldHUB Help You?

Contact yieldHUB today! Our global sales and support team will be happy to help.

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