Our team of experts work around the world. Our Headquarters is in Limerick, Ireland and we have offices in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Taiwan and the Philippines with sales agents also representing us in Korea and Japan. (We are currently on the look out for a partner for mainland China). Find out more about some of the key team members here:

John O’Donnell, CEO

 John is an electronic engineer with much of his career spent in test development and product engineering. John holds several patents in the area of test development including a machine learning method in 1993 (although that terminology was not used then) to speed up testing of ADCs and DACs. John founded MFG Vision whose trading name became yieldHUB in 2018. User experience is of huge interest to John and a breakthrough of his career was when he realised in 2005 that big data analysis (although that terminology was also not used then) could be made much easier and faster if users did not have to download any data first and if much of what the engineer needed to do was predicted by the database designers. MFG Vision and now yieldHUB came out of that insight.   




Jerome Auza, Director of Engineering

Jerome is a twenty year veteran of the industry and is an expert in leading teams of database and software engineers producing robust products and features under tight deadlines




Kevin Robinson, Director of Customer Success

Kevin is an expert in product and test engineering and our leader in Agile Software Development. Kevin travels widely and makes sure that our customers are benefiting to the max from our technology and makes sure yieldHUB delivers what we promise to our customers on time and with high quality

Find out what Kevin does in his spare time



Carl Moore, Yield Management Specialist

Carl has over 35 years in the Semiconductor industry, holding technical management positions in Product Engineering, Test, Assembly, Manufacturing, and Design. Carl is passionate about yield analysis, and has broad experience in manufacturing test, with over 300 days spent in Asia. In his spare time, Carl plays competitive Pickleball  and enjoys competing in tournaments.



Charles Migrino, Customer Success Engineer

Charles started as a Front-End Developer back in 2014. He is now involved with projects across all divisions of the development team and is a key Customer Success Engineer for the team in the Philippines. Charles provides technical support for customers who need direct access and information from the development team. He ensures customer concerns are heard and handled appropriately


Enid Chen, Application Manager

Enid Chen is an expert in foundry process engineering and IC design house product engineering and quality engineering. She studied chemical engineering in National University of Taiwan and works in engineering because she is interested in troubleshooting and team work